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A new way to get your hair done.

Hi its Poppy here owner of Root66haircare I have decided to start back up with the root66 blog here on the website we are all planning to keep you updated with useful tips on how to keep your hair and nails looking beautiful! I want this page to be a space for education and discussion of all topics that are important to us, keep your eye out for hair and nail education, local news topics, salon updates, lgbt topics and much more!

A new way to get your hair done!

Here at Root66haircare we have spent some time looking into how to make your experience better as customers. Through looking into salons like not another salon and their education and also speaking to our clients and consulting with the innovator of mirrorless appointments herself momma Liz (Rosies mom) we have had the idea of doing silent and mirrorless appointments.

I always strive for my salon to be accessible for everyone no matter what! (I am still tackling the wheelchair accessibility of the salon fingers crossed for it to be resolved this year!) I recently went to get my haircut and it got me thinking about how anxious some people must be about going into a hairdressers and maintaining conversation with a chatty stylist when you are either anxious, tired or just don't feel like talking but it seems like an unwritten rule that you must do small talk with your hairdresser. Now don't get me wrong I love love love chatting with everyone but it really made me think, what if the person in my chair is having a tough time and just needs to chill? what if they don't like looking in the mirror? what if this person is suffering with anxiety? all these things need to be given some thought to make the client experience better !

So because of this we have come up with the idea to have cards that you can select the type of appointment that you want. When you walk into the salon to your pre booked appointment you will be asked to select a card from the desk, the cards explain what each type of appointment is and if you decide that's the one for you hand it to your stylist for your chosen appointment style ! (Don't worry regular appointments are still Available as usual, I made a card for that too) You can read more about the types of appointments on our website under the services tab.

I can't wait for you all to try the new appointment styles, if you guys have any feedback or ideas on these updates please let me know, I am going to be adding these options to our dry cut and cut and blow dry services to trial how they work with online booking.

Can't wait to see you all soon !

Thanks for reading my first blog post

Poppy xox

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