Due to COVID-19 we have now created an online skin test form
We have done this to streamline the skin testing procedure and make it quicker, to go paperless and avoid contact where possible.
You can fill this form out to check to see if you now need a skin test.
We can then use this form for your consultation. At your consultation, we will ask if anything has changed since you filled this form in. You will then be skin tested and it will be signed off by a member of staff. (You won't need to fill in a skin test form in the salon).
Skin Test Form

PLEASE READ: It is important to always ensure that a professional safety evaluation is carried out before each colour service, this is to help keep you, the client, as safe as possible. Every colour client MUST receive an initial allergy test prior to your first colour service within the salon. Please be aware no test or protocol can provide 100% guarantee that you will avoid any future allergic reactions.

1. Have you ever had an allergic reaction to hair colourant products?
2. Have your ever had a reaction to a temporary ‘black henna’ tattoo or any other type of skin tattoo or permanent make up?
3. Do you have a rash on your face or an irritated and damaged scalp?
4. Is this the first time you have ever had your hair coloured?
5. Is this the first time you have visited this salon as a colour client or are you changing shade?
7. Have you had any allergic reactions since your last colour service?

If you have answered to all the above you may commence to have a colour service without any need to perform an allergy alert test.

If you have answer to any questions 1-3 we CANNOT colour the hair.

If you have answered to any questions 4-7 and allergy test MUST be performed.

Thanks for submitting!