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We hope you are keeping well and staying safe during these uncertain times. We felt it important to reach out not only to check in but keep you updated on the future of ROOT 66 Hair Care as we are sure you have many questions… I will try my best to address as many of these questions below as well as tell you the changes/meassures we will be taking. Please note that all of this is with subject to change at a moments notice as we will be following all government guidelines/laws that will be applicable to us to ensure the safety of everyone. Currently, We will be reopening on SATURDAY 4TH JULY. We advise reguarly keeping up to date with the news or at In the meantime, we strongly advise against doing anything with your hair and to ideally leave it alone. Colour correction is an expensive and time consuming task and we wish to keep this to an absolute minimum. For those who have already touched it, you will be met with a no judgement approach so do not worry as it’s important to be open and honest about your hairs history. For those who have left alone, well done! In the meantime, we are recommending root sprays that wash in/out from places like boots/super drug etc. We recommend using this time to give hair/nails a break and to use good treatments to get the hair in top condition ready for new changes! You can also make purchases on our website When we are allowed to reopen the salon will have drastically altered including layout changes, screens, extra cleaning meassures, prices and service changes as well as what we expect from our clients. We have been working exceedingly hard behind the scenes and taking advice from industry experts the NHBF, GOV.UK the NHS and Public Health England, to develop a framework to keep you all safe, we have also made some new salon changes of our own. This is in order to make sure everyone is kept safe but also to help the salon stay a float during these difficult and ever changing times. I will now outline some of the changes that have been made. Please know that whilst some of these decisions have been easy, others have not been made lightly and some have even been made with a heavy heart and I can only apologise if you find some changes an inconvience. We have always prided ourselves on holding extremely high standards and in these times it’s even more important than ever to do so. SERVICE CHANGES No beauty services of any kind until further notice due to close contact. No Beard/Eyebrow/Moustache services until further notice due to close contact. No dry cuts until further notice. No exceptions. We need to know your hair is 100% clean before working with it. No childrens services (16+ only) until further notice. Please see below. WHY WON’T WE CATER FOR CHILDREN – FOR HOW LONG? None of us are used to working with these new, extremely tough meassures with extra PPE and screening… these measures will feel even tougher for children. We want to allow time for our team to adjust to the new working conditions. Very young children also do not understand about spreading the virus either and we must keep others safe. We will provide a waiting list for anyone wishing to have their childrens hair cut with us. When we reopen the books to these clients we will set up a dedicated day and time like we have with our vunerable group. DEPOSITS No shows before lockdown cost our business thousands of pounds every year, not to mention disappointed clients who would have happily taken those slots had there been enough notice. Due to the business being shut for months and an increase in demand we will require 50% deposit on all bookings until further notice. Please understand by doing this you’re helping support independent businesses. We are trying to make our deposit system as easy as possible. You can do so in one of the following ways: When booking over the phone please have a card ready for over the phone payment. A booking will not be made without one. If booking online, our system currently can’t take deposits (Something we are currently trying to address) so please purchase our E-vouchers which will be emailed to you. If we cannot see any form of payment has been made your appointment will be cancelled. We will also accept bank transfer to those who would prefer. Please contact us if you would like to use these options via email/message/phone. Don’t forget the salon also offers contactless payments and apple pay too. You may if you wish to avoid all contact, pay in full in advance, whilst this is appreciated, it is not expected. You can read more about these terms on our website. If you give more than 48hrs notice you can rearrange your appointment without loss of deposit. After this time you will lose your deposit. (Please see below if you show COVID-19 symptoms in the 48hr time frame on what to do). We will offer a waiting list to anyone who is open to last minute cancellations. PRICE CHANGES Our yearly price increase that usually happens June time has gone up by £1 on most of our services. This only covers a tiny amount of yearly inflation on wage rises and suppliers. It does not cover anything related to COVID-19. For those who usually have dry cuts we encourage an upgrade to a cut and blow dry as this will always give the best results and finish on a cut. However, we understand now more than ever people will be on a tight budget so we will be offering a wash and cut (Wet cut – no drying) £22 with any stylist. To have your hair blasted dry with a dryer after will be an extra £5, you must ask for this at the time of booking (Or add it on yourself if booking online). APPOINTMENTS If you, a family member or anyone you’ve been in contact with show any COVID-19 symptoms your service will be refused. Please do not bring any one with you unless absolutely necessary. We anticipate restrictions on how many people will be allowed in the building at any one time. Please only bring essential belongings with you to your appointment, as we will no longer be able to store your belongings the way we used to. Please arrive no more than 10min early to your appointment as we cannot allow you access until your appointment time but we may ask you to fill in some paperwork first (COVID-19 Screening questionaire). Please be prepared to wait in your car or outside until we can let you in. It’s important that you must be on time to your appointment to ensure we remain on schedule throughout the day. If you are late we will be forced to refuse service and you will lose your deposit. Our team cannot rush your hair due to the extra cleaning meassures and the pressure already on them not to mention the PPE they will have to wear. On arrival, you must clean your hands and apply a face mask if you aren’t already wearing one. Your temperature will be taken and you will be asked to fill a brief questionare. If you do not have a facemask we will provide you with a protection kit for £1 that will be added on to your bill at the end. Refusual to do any of the above will result in your appointment being cancelled and loss of deposit. We strongly encourage you to bring your own facemask with you to avoid extra costs. Not all salons will be enforcing face masks. Virtually all members of our team have vunerable family members and I myself am at risk. Without us, the salon will have to close so please respect our decision at this time. If you start displaying symptoms please let us know ASAP we will allow you to rescehdule without loss of deposit or fear of judgment. If you are aware of your symptoms and attempt to still attend your appointment and are found to be showing symptoms your service will be refused and your deposit will be lost. SKIN TESTING/CONSULTATIONS You may need to be skin tested. All new clients must be tested or If its been more than a year since your last colour with us or more than 6 months since your last skin test. Clients who have had recent medication changes and/or new tattoos will also need to be tested. Skin testing will now be operated drive thru style! You will be skin tested whilst you remain in your car. Or ideally outside if you are on foot. We may need to take further tests (I.e. hair samples if you’ve been having a bash at home!). You will receive your verbal consultation as normal at this time. (We can also offer video consultations where needed). Your stylist will remain in full PPE. When we skin test you it’s a legal requirement to ask you to fill out some paperwork. To minimise contact we have made these forms available on our website where you can fill them in beforehand. You can also use this service to check to see if you now require a skin test. If this isn’t possible if you have no interenet access we will hand you the paper work through to your car and ask you to the fill the forms in. This will all be sterilized after. EXTRA SAFETY PRECAUTIONS We have carried out extra precautions in all aspects of the way we operate and will keep everyones safety priority at all times and adhere to any government changes. We will have posters around the salon highlighting all the changes. If you would like a copy please do not hesitate to ask and one can be sent to you. To highlight a few:

· Social distancing where possible · Added PPE for staff · Extensive staff training · Even more intense cleaning routines · Dispoable/single use items where possible · And much more.


Anyone recognised as a vunerable client will be offered a time slot on our vunerable day (Tuesdays). If you have not been contacted and feel you are in this catergory please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

During this time we will also contact clients who have already had appointments cancelled due to lockdown. These clients will have 24hrs to book. Bookings for these people will take place on Tuesday 30th June. PLEASE NOTE THE SALON WILL REMAIN CLOSED, BOOKINGS MUST BE OVER THE PHONE OR INTERNET.

We will then open our books up to our most loyal clientele. These clients will have 48hrs to book.

We will then open our books up to anyone within our salon database who has visited within the last year. These clients have 48hrs to book.

We will then start accepting new clients.

If you would like to be put on a waiting list for us to contact you when we start taking bookings for the category you fall it to, we are more than happy to do this. We will need a full name, number, service requirements etc.


We will be dedicating every Tuesday until further notice for our vunerable clients.

Anyone who fits in a risk catergory due to health, age or pregnancy fall into this category. Our most loyal clients and the ones who have had appointments cancelled due to lockdown will be identified and contacted first.

If you fall into this category and we aren’t aware please contact us and we will put you on our waiting list.

These appointments will allow for an extra 15minutes wellness and check in time to make sure you are doing ok. This is especially important to our elder clientele who live alone. If you do not want this complimentary extra please let us know at the time of booking.


Please note until further notice we will not be able to offer food and drinks and ask you to avoid bringing it with you unless you have health issues.

We will currently not be offering any magazines.

I understand that all of this is a lot to read and take in. It’s very surreal for me and the team also, I never thought I’d be having to put in place such strict measures. I would like to end on a happy note therefore I have also included some positive news!

I am pleased to let you all know that during this time our Senior Stylist and Beautician Ria has received a promotion! She is a much loved and sought after member of the team who often goes the extra mile and puts dedication into further bettering herself and learning extra skills. At ROOT 66 we think its super important to acknowledge and reward those that work hard. Well done Ria!

We would like to welcome a new addition to the team, Angie who will be our part time receptionist! Don’t forget to give her a warm welcome on your next visit to us!

I want to also take this time to say a personal thank you for the loyalty and continued support all of our customers have showed us over the years it would not have been possible without you.

On one last important note: We are encouraging as many of you as possible to go and like our facebook page or to ask a friend/family member to do it on your behalf as it is the easiest way to keep you all up to date in live time to further changes.

I look forward to welcoming you all back into the salon real soon, take care and as always, stay safe.

Many thanks,

Sam @ ROOT 66

Salon Owner

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