Due to the business being shut for months and an increase in demand we will require 50% deposit on all bookings until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, please understand by doing this you’re helping support independent businesses.

We are trying to make our deposit system as easy as possible. You can make one in one of the following ways:

Book your appointment online and then use this this handy online form to place your 50% deposit. You can work out how much you owe by halving the price stated at the time of booking. Just type in the amount. You may also pay in full if you wish to avoid all contact at the desk to help stop the spread of germs. This is also greatly appreciated by the team. 



Give us a call to book... Just make sure you have a card to hand for over the phone payment!


Please note without a deposit your appointment will not be made and will be cancelled out the system. 


It’s important that you must be on time to your appointment to ensure we remain on schedule throughout the day. If you are late we will be forced to refuse service and you will lose your deposit. Our team cannot rush your hair due to the extra cleaning measures and the pressure already on them not to mention the PPE they will have to wear.

If you need to rearrange an appointment...

You must give at least 48hrs notice if you cannot attend your appointment otherwise you will lose your 50% deposit. If you have paid in full you will lose 50% but may use the other 50% to make a new appointment within your 6 month time frame. You will not lose the whole deposit. 

If you give more than 48hrs notice you can rearrange your appointment. Your deposit is valid for 6 months. If you do not use your deposit in this time you will lose it. 

If you start displaying symptoms please let us know ASAP we will allow you to reschedule without loss of deposit or fear of judgement. If you are aware of your symptoms and attempt to still attend your appointment and are found to be showing symptoms your service will be refused and your deposit will be lost.


The deposit must be in the same name of the appointment booked. 

To avoid your appointment being cancelled, make sure you read the COVID-19 guidelines first. Please follow out priority list and do not attempt to book until the correct time, if you're unsure what priority category you fall into please just ask. We recommend booking the slot first and paying your deposit straight after. 

Please be aware whilst we will try where possible to avoid this, sometimes we may have to alter your appointment for instance if a member of staff us off sick or we have to go into lockdown again etc. Contact will always be made in regards to this and we will try where possible to meet your needs. 

If lock down happens again we will extend vouchers by the amount of time restrictions are in place.


We reserve the right to change these terms at any time and/or refuse service where we feel the rules have not been adhered to.